homemade coconut lemonade

Homemade Coconut Lemonade

Organic Homemade Coconut Lemonade made from organic coconut cream with a pinch of lime juice. The coconut lemonade is great for when you want to feel like you’re on vacation while you’re at home. The coconut lemonade is a great alternative if you do not like zesty lemonade but like a more creamy sweet lemonade.

FoodRockett serves our Long Island community at specific locations such as Baldwin, Oceanside, Rockville Centre. Delivering fast yet quality food, All-natural Latin food fused with Asian flavors. We make sure that with a door-to-door delivery service you get your HibachiCeviche, and Lemonades, quick and fresh. Our food delivery service guarantees real food with Explosive Flavor packed in every bite.


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