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A fun and delicious Hibachi bursting with colors from the different ingredients and Latin flavors used, which includes scrambled eggs accompanied with soy sauce, rice, ginger, and even mango.
Ceviche is a traditional South American dish that is prepared from raw seafood and cured with citrus juices.The ceviche gives a real taste of Latin America, with the shrimp and the fish platters that are offered.
Our famous homemade lemonade is freshly squeezed from limes. The organic lemon lime-infused lemonade is a refreshing tropical blend. Good option while you are enjoying your Latin Food.

Foodrockett was born in the heart of two flavored Latinos, hoping to cater some good Latin Food to a Long Island audience, more targeted, South Nassau County. This wish became a reality when catering a rented kitchen; Empanadas, Ceviche, Tacos, Hibachi and Latin desserts like the emblematic Latino Flan. This Latino couple decided to upgrade their Hispanic start-up food business into an upgraded LATIN FOOD TRUCK.

Latin America is known for its vast diversity. Latin food is so diverse that its style comes from the mountains to seafood, being influenced by Spanish cuisine but still different from one place to another. Most Latin dishes are corn-based, accompanied by various condiments and salsas, and of course, the well-known rice and beans, to mention a few. Latin cuisine is motivated by other cultures like the native Americans. For example, foods like cornbread were used by Native American groups, whereas natives of south American foods like potatoes and corn.

Latin flavors are also influenced by Africa, having many dishes inspired by the region’s cooking techniques. For example, when slaves were given undesired cuts of meat like intestines, Africans developed a way to clean these meats and season them. European influence is found in Latin dishes served in Countries like Argentina and Uruguay, which found their inspiration from Countries like Italy. Finally, Asian immigrants from China and Japan exchanged spices and recipes with Latins, creating the fusion dishes we are all familiar with today. This diverse background history is one of the main reasons Latin cuisine incorporates various flavors and assorted options for every palate.

FoodRockett is the Hispanic spot, sharing in a food truck the explosive-packed in every bite to the whole Long Island Community; that is one kind of experience where the Latino flavors with the Asian cuisine influence bring the Latin infused food.

The Asian fusion is embodied in our Foodrockett’s signature Hibachi, fun and delicious dishes bursting with colors from the different influences. We are implementing ingredients and flavors along with the experience offered at our food truck located in Baldwin, Long Island N.Y.

Another of our additional services is coming to your party and catering it, with the best Hispanic catering assistance known for 100% satisfied service.

latin food tacos

We all agree

that spice is what Latin food is one of the characteristics known for; this is due to how rapidly peppers grow in Latin American climates, so they are included in the cuisine, making it popular for their ‘’big in flavors’’.

Spanish Rice

Depending on the region

you are in, you can identify that culture influences where it comes from. Its richness, cultural and flavor-wise, is what Latin American people attach to their roots. Back in the day, for Hispanic culture, a farm-to-table and local in-season was just a way of life, growing that appreciation for everything.


That comes from

the ocean or the land instead of having that meal that traveled thousands of miles to get to our plates.So this lifestyle has been passed generation by generation, until today that freshness has been the reason why, Latin cuisine is so unique.

At FoodRockett, Our Menu includes a wide array of dishes, Empanadas, Tacos, Hibachi, Ceviche, LemonadesFlan and More, because we want to give our customers the option to choose an authentic Hispanic dish as if they were in an American Latin restaurant or true Asian gourmet that could only be found in a real Asian restaurant.

FoodRockett is known for its excellent service, along with the quality food incorporated into each dish. One of the main reasons: FoodRockett is a family business, so we treat our customers like we would like our family. Hospitality is critical in our service, followed by homemade recipes shared with our public. FoodRockett makes fun and delicious dishes bursting with colors from the different ingredients and flavors used, giving it that Caribbean touch to the long island people who love the real Latin Food.

Latin Food Empanda

From diverse Latin Food options, Empanadas are made by folding pastry dough over a filling into a half-moon shape and either baking or frying them. Typically filled with meat, cheese, or shrimp, we can now find empanadas filled with various delicious treats such as pulled pork, chorizo, vegetables, and even fruits and cheese. This is the magic of empanadas! Empanadas originated in Spain but are traditionally found in Southern Europe, Latin America. This dish can be served as a main course, appetizer, and more recently, as a delicious dessert.

Ceviche is a traditional South American dish that is prepared from raw seafood and cured with citrus juices. The ceviche gives a real taste of Latin America, with the shrimp and the fish platters that are offered. Our ceviche includes different fishes such as wild shrimp and sea bass, when you bite into this you can taste the refreshing taste of South America. Even though ceviche is only found in mostly Peruvian restaurants we have added this plate for a more Hispanic food fusion as well just for you.


Traditional Mexican restaurants, on the other hand, are sticking with a more traditional style: soft corn tortillas filled with authentically flavored meat, cilantro, radish slices, grilled onion, and an assortment of hot sauces. These antojitos, or Mexican street foods, whether from a Latin food truck or from the restaurant, have become such a popular dish that you can see more and more delicious Latin fusion tacos coming to be daily.

Foodrockett Menu Hibachi

Homemade Asian and Latin Infused food organic, fresh, tasty ready to deliver to the Long Island  Latin Food community with door to door delivery service in areas such Baldwin, Rockville Center, Oceanside, Island Park, and Long Beach. This is the first of its kind. Our FoodRockett Latin Food Truck is fast yet quality food, All-natural Latin food fused with Asian flavors. FoodRockett is great if you want a dish with both the Hispanic and Asian culture infusion. Real Latin food with Explosive flavor packed in every bite. A one of a kind transformation that is also a Long Island Delivery Service just for you.


A delicious custard dessert to top off your meal, it is a dessert that is loved by everyone in the Latino Community. The custard cake dessert is a Hispanic fusion food within Latino America, that is a combination of gelatin, cake, special flavoring, and sits on top of the juicy flavoring

FoodRockett Menu Lemonade

Our famous homemade lemonade is freshly squeezed from limes, our Long Island food delivery service ensures that this zesty sweet taste will quench your thirst after you enjoy your hibachi meal. The organic lemon lime-infused lemonade is a refreshing tropical blend, we added this traditional Hispanic drink fusion because this is a great alternative to a mojito.

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