spanish rice

Spanish Rice

A fun and delicious Spanish Rice Plain bursting with colors from the different ingredients and flavors used, which includes scrambled eggs accompanied with soy sauce, rice, ginger, and even mango. We have included these delicious ingredients because we want to give our customers the chance to choose whether they want Hispanic food as if they were in a Latin American restaurant, or Asian food as if they were in an Asian restaurant. 

Prepared on a high heat grill and ingredients are prepped and cooked at the start of each order. A variety of Hibachi Fried Rice to choose from by offering different types of flavors whether flaming but savory, original, or filled with spices from Latin America. Order now your delicious Spanish Rice.

Food Rockett serves our Long Island community at specific locations such as Baldwin, Oceanside, Rockville Centre. Delivering fast yet quality food, All-natural Latin food fused with Asian flavors. We make sure that with a door-to-door delivery service you get your HibachiCeviche, and Lemonades, quick and fresh. Our food delivery service guarantees real food with Explosive Flavor packed in every bite.
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